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I really appreciated that you have placed the orders in such a short term and without any opportunity to try actual samples. We close our first order but will continue accept it so please do not hesitate to enquiry. We're also planning to open our web shop by the end of this year and hopefully have an opportunity to show real samples around January...well, there're too many stuff I wanna try but just, one by one..

This picture is Moroccan Rose & Mint Tea from HONEY & HERB at Shichirigahama. I've been loving tea but theirs are very special and like prescription for my mind and body. Its nonchalant generosity and warmth surrounding the place are very much like Mizuno-san, the owner of HONEY & HERB. Meeting someone very respectful is a treasure in my life.

There'd been many unseen struggles in my mind since I left the job but the time I drink my favorite tea at work reminds me that I am the happiest and luckiest. We are not what we do but how we feel.

It's only 60 days left this year. I will enjoy my loving hot drinks and winter dishes, appreciating my health.'s nothing to do with the brand now but I am going to up 2017SS web catalog this weekend!

短い期間且つ実際にサンプルをご覧になっていただく機会もない中でオーダーいただきまして, 本当に有り難うございます。本日をもって第一弾のオーダーは締めさせていただきますが、引き続き承っておりますのでご相談下さい。年内にはWeb shopもオープンできたらと考えております。年明けには期間限定で実際に手にとっていただけるような機会も設けたいです。やりたいことは沢山あるのですが・・・まずは一つずつ。

写真は七里ガ浜にあるHONEY & HERBさんのMoroccan Rose & Mint Tea。以前からお茶は好きでよく飲んでいましたが、ここのハーブティーと出会ってから更にお茶が大好きになりました。ハーブの力というか、とても特別で私にとって気持ちや体を整える為の処方箋になっています。さりげない優しさやその場を包み込むような人の温かさを持つ店主の水野さんそのもの。素敵だなと思える人と出会えることは人生のタカラです。




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