Hello 2017!!

Though I had some weird feeling for this Christmas and new year and couldn't catch up at all, as a result, I had forgettable time with my dear family and friends.

Life will sometimes go well without any thoughts or plans because we are able to enjoy every moment much more.

Now, it's 2017. My goal is to grow Bina up to have more people know about this brand. As for my private life, I want to widen my views with fearlessly flexible mind, involving my precious people gently and calmly.

The upcoming event will be pop-up at tempo Aoyama for 10 days from the end of March. I will let you know about the details later but there will be limited new patterns and new items such as lingerie bags, hair turban, and room wear.

Also, I am going to visit some local textile factory to look for new materials. It's so exciting to see new craftsmanship.

May this year be your BEST ever!!




直近では3月末〜10日間ほど青山のインテリアショップtempo青山さんにてpop upイベントを予定しています。また詳細は追って告知させていただきますが、限定の新柄、旅に便利なランジェリーバッグやヘアターバン、ルームウェアなどの小物アイテムも企画しています。



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