Three sisters go on a trip

 Last September, under a scorching sun, we shoot our image visual at one condominium by the sea in Kamakura. In spite of quite limited budget, These amazing catalogs were up with great help from many people. To start out by myself was like to realize that I can not do anything without any help.

I asked shooting a moving image at the same time as still photo and my brother, who is a movie director, edited it and created a small short movie. I also asked my brother's friend for music. Everything is completely original. Although there are not many slippers appeared and it's only image and atmosphere, I would brush up it and keep making every season. With motion and sounds, I hope you could grasp more real image which Bina want to express in the season.



Shooting: Yoshiyuki Matsuzaki

Editing: Satoru Hirohara

Music: Keisuke Uehara

Models: H sisters

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